Refurbished plant stand
$1 each. Small containers. Fifteen available. PPU near Kentlake high school please.
Light for growing indoor plants
Aloe vera plants feature bold, green-white speckling on thick, toothed leaves. Super easy-to-grow Aloe Vera grows best in a bright, warm, sunny spot for best results; requires watering only once every couple of weeks. Much admired for its many medicinal and health uses. $4.00 each, 10 available.
Large metal planter stand measuring 62 tall and 27 acrossInclude your name, phone number, and times of availability in your email.
Used artificial plants. Excellent condition.1st picture Base size Dia 9 x5high, Overall size Dia 16x14high $52nd-3rd picture Base size 8x8x512high, Overall size 22x17x15 $104th-5th pictures Base size Dia 5x312high, Overall size Dia 5x612 $26th-7th pictures Base size Dia 412x4high, Overall size Dia 10x8 $28th-10th pictures 1 Ceramic Tray size 1612x612x4, 8 Pears size Dia 3x4each $1211th picture ...
My student is beginning to fundraise for his Kent Young Life summer camp 2019. He is taking orders for Poinsettia plants! They are 15"-17" Potted Poinsettias and $15.00 each. Available in Red, White, or shades of Pink. These are in a 6.5" pot with a decorative pot cover. Let him know what color you would like! Orders are and all money due to be turned in by October 29th. Orders will be picked u...
We have 2957 plants, most for sale at the crazy low price of just $6.97 Heres just a sle of what you can get for $6.97.Glowing Embers hydrangeasLots of Cone flowers echinacea3 kinds of hardy hibiscus dinner plate hibiscusSeveral kinds of anemones wind flowersDwarf fountain grassMaiden grass MiscanthusEnglish lavenderRose of SharonRoyal purple smokebushSeveral kinds of blanket flowersblack eyed ...
I have a couple of Drosera Adelae sundews available for sale. Drosera adelae prefers wet and warm conditions and do best with consistent temps 50s to low 80s year round - a great plant for a sunny windowsill or terrarium. 15.00 each
I have some Alsobia dianthiflora some Alsobia Costa Rica house plant startsthat are 3.00 each and I have one that is blooming that is 5.00Extremely vigorous grower makes great potted plant or hanging basket. They have white frilly blooms flowers
Beautiful Indoor begonia plant- a very cool-Salmon orange Color.Cheerful to have around this time of year
Good condition silk plant for sale comes with brass pot for sale please leave contact information if interested Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Hello varagesale Friends! My boys are obsessed with this plant, and although it s healthy and has been growing steadily for two years, they either hit the leafs as they walk by OR enjoy poking holes in the poor boy. Care is so easy, Pinterest for the win! Just a little sunlight, I spritz the leaves a couple times a week, water every two weeks or so. The basket is included if you would like it. ...
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Lightly Hosed off First come; first choice until they are gone....TAKE ALL YOU WANT... Message me for address unless you already have it. COME ANYTIME TOU WANT DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS Thank you
Please check out my other posts.Please read everything below, including clicking on read more.Price is firm. No negotiations please. Real indoor Christmas cactus plant in a textured pot. This pot has a drainage hole in the bottom of it. Pot dimension is 8x8x6With the plant the height is 14This plant does best in very bright direct light and little water. Its a cactus.We can meet in downtown Ren...
Please check out my other posts.Please read all of the description below, including clicking on read more.Price is firm. No negotiations please. Live Good Luck Euphorbia cactus. The pot has a hole in the bottom for drainage. Pot dimension is 11x11x10With plant the height is 25This cactus does best in very high direct light and low water. Its been replanted using miracle grow root liquid fertili...
Please check out my other posts.Please read everything, including clicking on read more. Price is firm. No negotiations please. Live Rosemary plant in a ceramic planter. The pot has a hole in the bottom for drainage. The base is attached. This is an outdoor pot as well as indoor.Pot dimension is 9x9x7With plant the height is 16This plant does best in high direct light and medium water. The top ...
Please check out my other posts.Please read the description, including clicking on read more.All Prices are firm. No negotiations please.Live Palm plant in ceramic pot.There is a hole in the ceramic pot for drainage. Pot dimension is 9x9x8With plant the height is 19This plant does best in medium indirect light and medium water. No direct sun. Keep the soil evenly moist, not wet. We can meet in ...
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