Handmade New Nickel Free Fish Hooks Silver plated flower beads Lava Rock beads - drip essential oils onto them for aromatherapy purposes *Quarter is for size reference PPU in Fairwood Meet in Covington
Pineapples that have battery powered candles on inside. Both work, requires batteries
These heavy 10.4 ounces each brass scholars weights are meant to hold down the edges of a scroll for painting or calligraphy. They make a really handsome decoration as well. Each weight measures a little over 9 long x 1.625 wide and a little less than 18th of an inch thick. I actually have 3 different sets to choose from. Buyer pays cash and collects from us here in downtown Seattle at 4th and ...
12 x 12 New, easy to pop out stencil sheets 9 available: Tepee/tent Bird Acorn RV/camping Canoe Raccoon Owl Fox Hiking $0.50 each or $3 for all 9
I bought these for a project that we can t complete. If you re up for modifying the A into a V you can make YOU ARE LOVED .
If you re a big fan of Jean Harlow or MAD MEN this is perfect for you . It s still wrapped in its plastic and is in perfect condition.